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Radio Advertising

Our affiliate radio advertising member is Greg Buser with KNZA, Inc. out of Hiawatha, KS. KNZA, Inc. owns and operates numerous radio stations, both AM and FM, that cover a large audience over Northeast Kansas, Southeast Nebraska and Northwest Missouri. KNZA, Inc. is here to help you spread the word about your business to thousands of listeners! Take a look at the KNZA, Inc. radio station details below!

KNZA, Inc. Radio Stations Coverage Map

KNZA, FM 103.9, Hiawatha, Kansas, County of license = Brown

A 50,000 watt FM station with programming consisting of modern top 40 country music, several local newscasts daily, meteorologists with local forecast and storm warning reports, live personality DJ’s, local ag information, Brownfield Ag Network reports, local high school game broadcasts, local retailer promotions and remote reports from local businesses. KNZA has developed a wide geographic area of consistent listeners in several counties.

KMZA, FM 92.1 Seneca, Kansas. County of license = Nemaha

A 6,000 watt FM station, basically the same as KNZA, except the information on KMZA pertains more to that area, especially in the categories of local news and local sports broadcasts. KMZA has developed a very dedicated local audience for their area.

KAIR, FM 93.7, Atchison, Kansas. Primary county coverage = Atchison

A 25,000 watt FM station with strong local news, local weather, local high school and college sports information, local retailer involvement with station promotions and on location remote broadcasts. KAIR plays a mix of hot country music and is live personality-driven.

KAIR, AM 1470, Atchison, Kansas. County of license = Atchison

This 1,000 watt AM station has been on the air since 1939! It programs Classic Country music and also has local weather and some news information although it primarily is a music driven station. It compliments KAIR FM giving listeners an opportunity to hear the classic country songs and still have access to important local information.

KLZA – SUNNY 101.3 FM, Falls City, Nebraska. County of license = Richardson

A 25,000 watt FM positioned as your “AT WORK” station playing a soft rock type music format. SUNNY still has local news/weather/sports/promotions with a great static free coverage signal day and night… An interesting side note about this station is that it was built to dominate Southeast Nebraska, but it has also developed listeners in Nemaha and Brown counties in Kansas and Northwest Missouri that like it’s music-driven style.

KTNC, AM 1230, Falls City, Nebraska. County of license = Richardson

A 500 watt by day and 1000 watt by night AM station packed with local news, local weather, and local sports information including play by play broadcasts of local high school sports. It’s also packed with Brownfield Agricultural reports throughout the day. It plays a mix of oldies and 70’s and 80’s music that allow this station to reach a wide audience wanting more information each hour. Its signal covers a large daytime area.